9 Tips For How To Use A Dab Rig Properly

Take care with all things

Although this may seem obvious, it is important to remember that you must be very careful when using a vape rig. It’s always wise to exercise caution when flame is involved, especially in the case of glass or smoking. If you add a blow torch to the mix, things can heat up quickly. Due to the fact that a dab rig has many moving parts, it is important to ensure you have a steady surface on which to apply the wax. You should also be aware of the potency of the wax. It is stronger than dry herb, can cause coughing fits, and produce stronger effects.

While you are tabbing, use an oven mitt

Although this may not be the most stylish option, it is safe to use hot materials. Severe burns are also not a good idea. Oven mitts can be used to provide heat resistance for your smoke session, but still allow enough dexterity so you don’t have to stop having a good time. You should make sure that the mitt you choose is well insulated and allows for good grip and movement. There is nothing worse than dropping a costly piece of glass that wasn’t held well enough.

Different Dab Nails may look different

Pay attention to the type of nail being used. There are some design principles that all nails can be made from, but there are many materials available. This will impact the cooling and heating times of the nail. A titanium composite nail or metal nail will heat faster and cool quicker than a ceramic one. Ceramic nails should be treated with more care and must be warmed up carefully. A steel nail will heat quickly, but it won’t stay hot for as long. It can be quickly picked up and stored. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to be aware of all.

E-Nails make it easier and safer

This is a simple decision. If one eliminates the blowtorch from dabbing, the entire process becomes much safer. Although there is a price to pay, the safety benefits are immediately worth it. A blowtorch is often a barrier to dabbing with your rig. Given the explosive nature of these items, it is understandable why this might be a barrier to dabbing with a rig. Upgrade to a battery-operated electronic nail to make the 21 century a dab-rig.

The Silicone Dab Rigs can be destroyed

Silicone is unbreakable, which is a distinct advantage over glass. While glass will continue to be a popular choice, there are many advantages to silicone over glass. If balance and not losing or misplacing your silicone rig is a priority, you might consider purchasing one. The silicone is easier to grip than glass. A silicone rig is often lighter than a glass one. Because silicone is lighter and easier to grip, dropping it can be greatly reduced. Any dabber will find a silicone rig worth the investment.

Percolator Dab Rigs & More

Many dab rigs are equipped with wonderful extras that make your experience more enjoyable. Infusing more smoke with water will ensure a smooth, powerful hit. This is particularly important because wax has a harder kick than oil or dry herbs. An ice catcher can also be included to cool and smoothen the experience of dabbing. By their very nature, ice catchers allow you to place ice in your rig to let the smoke flow. You can customize the experience by adding some great accessories to a high-quality rig.

Take it slow and learn as you go

You don’t need to rush to enjoy herb or other concentrates made from it. Particularly with wax, which can be very confusing and powerful, this is especially true. A beginner may find it difficult to keep track, as there are many variables. A rig can be more expensive than a bowl or chillum, and this is not to mention the cost of making it. Do your research to find the best product for you.

Reclaim your Dab Rig

Reclaim is the stickier and harder cousin of resin from dried herb. This is a reconstituted substance made from wax that has accumulated over time or has fallen through to the main part. To ensure better dabbing, this stuff must be removed. It is possible to remove it with a scraping tool or a dabbing tool and re-dab the nail. The idea is to recycle the reclaim. If it’s clean enough and there is no opposition from any member of the group, it’s definitely worth a shot.

How to dab without a rig

Dab rigs may not be the only way to dab wax, especially now. Wax pens (also known as dab pens) are vape pens that concentrate wax concentrates. These are more discreet, convenient and cheaper than full dab rig in nz. This is especially true given the lighter, safer vaping device (battery powered/heated coils) and the easier to use. Remember that dab rigs always deliver the strongest hits and larger hits. The nectar collector for wax is another option. It is similar to a dab-rig but is easier to use. This is a great tool that can be used on the go, especially if you choose the silicone nectar collector option. There are many options for dabbing without a rig. It all boils down to individual preferences.

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