New York Murray Hill Mad Hatter Manchester

This is just a quick note to say how proud we are to have such a vibrant and vocal fan base on the east coast. We hope that ties between the club and the ‘Blue Moon Over the Saloon’ continue to grow and strengthen as quickly as they have done over the past year. I know our CEO Garry Cook and David Pullan were moved by with the warmth of the reception they received on their visit earlier this year and were hugely impressed by the passion and love for the Blues that the Mad Hatter regulars displayed. Your hunger for all things Blue and pride in the club will, we are sure, become even greater over the coming months and years.As someone who worked outside, but alongside, the club for more than a decade whilst reporting on City for the Manchester Evening News and as someone who watched as a fan for the first time, I can promise you that this club has never been more focussed on success – not for the sake of lifting trophies but for the supporters.

Every meeting we have – and we have a lot of them – on any subject has the City community, whether it be in Newton Heath (ahem!) or New York, at its core. There are a drive, excitement, and purpose that means no matter how big we become in global terms that we will never lose the soul that attracted people to the club in the first place. We want our fans all over the world to feel they are at the heart of their club. You, our supporters in America are already the second biggest audience for the official club website and the largest such grouping outside the UK. More than 3,000 of you visit every day and as the content editor, I am delighted that you do so. The aim for us is to double that figure over the next year and we have some special events planned that might just help! Until we are able to reveal specific details, I would just end by emphasizing our thanks to you all for supporting the best football club in the world. Have fun and keep the faith!

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