Raw Food Equipment Makes Your Raw (Un)cooking Fun And Fast

Raw food kitchen essentials that only cost a buck

– Sharp Knives

Quality, sharp knife is every chef’s best friend and the raw food chef is no exception. Ceramic knives are a great choice as they are light-weight and stay sharp forever. Get yourself a good cutting board when you’re at it!

– Spiral Cutter / Mandoline

So simple, yet useful! Cut carrots, zucchini and other raw veggies into noodles and/or slice/dice/julienne/shred them decoratively.

– Spice grinder

Grind your salt, spices, small amounts of seeds or nuts. (You might not need this if you buy a powerful blender that can do-it-all.)

– Bits & pieces

Measuring cups, fancy kitchen scissors, rubber spatula….are all fun and come in handy in the raw food kitchen…

-Non-toxic food storage containers

What’s the point of making a nutritious juice/smoothie/sun tea/mylk and then store it in a toxic plastic container? The quick and cheap solution is to go out and get a couple of containers that will not leach toxins into your raw food creations, such as

– Glass jars

– Stainless steel bottles

– BPA-free containers

The more sophisticated raw food kitchen equipment

– Blender

smoothie-blenderA powerful blender (e.g. Vitamix) is possibly the most essential raw food equipment you will ever buy. Blend fruit, veggies, herbs and spices for delicious soups, salsas, spreads, dips and smoothies. Blender pre-digests food for better digestion, helps you to get in more greens and breaks up plant cells to get all the nutrients out to an extent that you could never achieve by just chewing the plants. If you invest into a powerful high-speed blender, you’ll save money on food processor as you won’t need any.

Rawfoodia tip:

You can get yourself a hand blender for when you’re on the go or only have small quantities of raw food to prepare.

– Juicer

Hurom-juicer-rawfoodia Home made fresh juices will take your raw food diet to a new high! Juicer gets rid of all the fibre in plants and squeezes the maximum nutrition out…so when you drink your juice your body gets an intensive shot of all the plant goodness!

Rawfoodia tip:

Get yourself a proper brush at a 1$ store. Sounds obvious, but will make your juicer cleanup a very quick exercise.

– Dehydrator

Very convenient way how to make truly raw biscuits, cakes, crakers, breads, dried fruit, chocolate… How is this raw? It’s a bit like blow-drying your hair…but at a low temperature. I mention the dehydrator last for a reason. Focus fist on blended raw soups, dips, spreads, salads, and snacks. These foods will get you into the day-to-day habit of raw food diet. The rest of the more ‘complicated’ raw food culinary experiments will follow! Buy cheap! No need to spend a fortune on raw food equipment for your kitchen Buy second hand. I got majority of my raw food equipment from Ebay. They have a great selection of used appliances for 50% of the original price or less. If the seller seems reputable – ‘trusted’ e-bay profile – there’s really nothing to worry about.

The biggest mistake

Having said all that…you don’t really have to even own a sharp knife to be in the raw business. Apples, bananas, spinach, nuts…what appliance do you really need to eat them all? Raw food equipment just makes the raw food culinary experience easier, much more versatile and fun. But mono-meals and simple meals are the healthiest ones anyways. Talk to any long-term rawfoodist and they will tell you that they’ve enjoyed all the ‘raw kitchen gadgets’, particularly at the beginning of their raw food journey, but really what they eat on daily basis are the simple things.And if you think about it, raw food is all about unprocessed foods. Once you use any kind of appliance, you’re processing things to a certain degree. So the biggest mistake of all? Telling yourself that you can’t do this because you don’t own a Vitamix, Omega or Excalibur!

Rawfoodia tip:

Out of sight, out of mind. So keep all your raw food equipment and appliances in sight. The moment they are in the cupboard, they are probably forgotten forever.

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